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Sunday March 22nd
Super Moto Track Day

Track Manager: Allen Settle - 209-598-3124

The Little 99 Go Kart & Motorcycle track is located at
the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds
1658 S. Airport Way, Stockton, California 95206

Kid Kart   5-7
Kid Kart Novice (50cc) 150lbs 5-7
Jr. 1-2 Cycle (80cc) 235lbs 8-12
Lo206 Jr 1 (blue slide) 235lbs 8-12
Box Stock Clone Jr 1 235lbs 8-12
HPV/KPV 1 250lbs 8-12
Tag Jr (Rotax) 250lbs 8-12
Lo206 Jr 2 265lbs 12-15
Box Stock Clone Jr 2 320lbs 12-15
HPV/KPV 2 310lbs 12-15
Junior Super Sportsman 300lbs 12-15
Lo206 Sr 365lbs 16 & up
Lo206 Heavy 400lbs 16 & up
Lo206 Animal 370lbs 16 & up
World Formula 370lbs 16 & up
Box Stock Clone Sr 360lbs 16 & up
Sumo Clone 400lbs 16 & up
Clone Outlaw 360lbs 16 & up
Super Sportsman (KT100) 340lbs 16 & up
Super Sportsman Heavy (KT100) 360lbs 16 & up
Formula 80 Senior 375lbs 16 & up
Formula 80 Masters 375lbs 16 & up
Tag Rotax 375lbs 16 & up
Stock 125 385lbs 16 & up
Open Class (non trophy race) 360lbs 16 & up

Race Structure- 3 or more karts to form a trophy race. 18 or more karts per class for a paid finish.

Tires- Bridgestone YLC will be the spec tire for all class's, with the only exception for the YLB & MG yellow in the Stock 125 division.

-Lo206 Classes will follow Briggs & Straton Factory rules

-Box Stock Clone Classes will follow AKRA rules

-All other classes will follow IKF rules

Any racer found (DQ'd) to be blatantly cheating will loose their points for that race and loose their throw away race for the season.

Saturday Races
- Gates will open at 8am. Practice will start at 10am.

Friday OR Night Races
- Gates will be open for racers at 4pm. Practice will start at 6pm

Race Entries (race fees include transponders)
-Non Members $55
-Members $45
-Jr Members $35
-Kid Kart $45
-Kid Kart Members $35

- $10 per person
- Children 10 & under Free


Click here for the 2015 schedule

Little 99 2013 Final Standings - CLICK HERE

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San Joaquin Valley Green!

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